The Story Behind The Birth of Kala Roopa

Meaning of Kala Roopa in Hindi language, means Sacred Art/Creation Blessed with Beauty

After studying at my University, I discovered that my heart to serve the nations and to serve the poor was something that I was created for.  With years of volunteer work both domestically and internationally during my academic career, I found little to no interest to build in anything that was solely self serving.  My goal was to understand the ways of a servant.  The real story is that, as a Christian who chose to walk with Christ, I thought, how is it that I could better learn about my savior than to try and serve as He did.  I wanted to understand this life of a servant so I committed myself to continuing volunteer work.  With this personal pursuit and pledge in heart, the path was paved to begin volunteering in Native American Indian country. Equipped with the mindset you give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime, I was driven to take my academic career and use it to bless as many folks as I could. Trained in Washington DC in the Entrepreneur Corps. Division of Americrorps, I set off in Economic Development, Tourism and Cultural Preservation Initiatives with the Natives. For the next four years I was committed to establishing non-profits that would catalyze economic growth, pursued policy changes, worked with our regional county and area councils, Chambers of Commerce, Council of Governments, The Navajo Nation Economic Development Department all of which catalyzed paving the path for the birth of Kala Roopa. Four years into living with our Native Americans and being steeped in this work, a new change was churning.

Being from New England, and sensing the call to return home, I was implored to reflect upon what I had discovered and learned over the years.  Recognizing poverty can come in several forms, I concluded these different types of wealth and poverty structures was something I wanted to help alleviate.

What I saw during my 20’s was that the Natives were financially impoverished but often spiritually rich, the New Englanders often spiritually impoverished but financially wealthy.  The concept of establishing A Robin Hood type foundation burned in me like never before.

The idea of Kala Roopa was to create a platform in which to sell Native American artisanal goods as well as Asian Indian goods thus creating a means to support their livelihoods. The focus was to use those monies from sales from the more predominantly wealthy who could afford them and ultimately support the families directly incorporating Fair Trade principles to elevate the poor or the less affluent and grind away at poverty; one person, one artisan, one family or one group at a time.

Kala Roopa was established in 2007 in Rockport, MA.

Thirteen years later it has evolved from a little shop with a lot of meaning to a bigger store that hosts my work, hundreds of international artisans and a large majority of Native American artists their pottery and Jewelry, Till this very day 60% of my total income (not just profit) is returned to our Native American Indian artisans through the purchasing of their works.  Thanks to all my loyal customers, and folks who understand and care to purchase from a store that sells goods that uphold these people and are made with unbelievable craftsmanship, Kala Roopa has succeeded to support its mission and the heart behind it for now 13 years! Please do come to our store and see the array of inventory that simply cannot be hosted online. Having one of a kind pieces and capturing all of what is in our physical retail store to display online is near impossible! If you see lines or specific designs/color schemes you like and wish to see more, please inquire and we will be happy to send photos out to you directly!