Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I buy your jewelry? 

Most of my jewelry is only available through my stores in Rockport, MA.  Kala Roopa at 43 Bearskin Neck and Sea Blue Silver at 56A Bearskin Neck. The website, or occasionally on my Facebook page ‘Kala Roopa founded by Heather’.


I tried to buy a piece from your collection and it sold out as I was checking out! 

The e-commerce platform I use does not reserve listings while they are in the cart and it sells to the fastest person to check out.  I may be able to take custom orders to recreate past pieces. 


I Like This piece but would like it longer, in a different size or color and would like to know if that is possible?

Often variations of a particular piece are already available and/or may be made.  Please email me with specifics so that I can work closely with you.  When we are in peak season, this effort may be more of a challenge as demand is high.


I have bridesmaids or several people in which I would like to purchase several of the same item.


I often have wedding requests as well as matching sets for family members such as mothers, daughters and granddaughters etcetera.  I will do the best I can to provide and produce. Most pieces by nature are one of a kind however replicating a design is possible. Please email me for details.